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In action: application areas

The healthcare industry is a fast-growing and highly profitable market, considering its many facets and facilities. In most areas, people depend on technical appliances and rely on them every day. The areas of application presented here will help you to identify the most interesting market segments and to profit best from the growing market.


Hardware at the limit

From the moment of patient registration at the reception desk and creation of the electronic patient record up to the end of the treatment, the healthcare industry is subject to specific regulations to exercise due care. These intend to prevent avoidable errors during the treatment period. This includes confusing patients or medication as well as administering the wrong therapy because of lack of information.

Using purpose-built healthcare equipment such as barcode scanners, mobile terminals and monitors may increase safety in every step of the treatment. These devices are the interface between medical personnel and patients. Especially in hospitals, electronic tracking is becoming increasingly important, because responsibilities of different departments often overlap regarding patient care.

Medical displays with touch screens that can be operated while wearing rubber gloves speed up processes and help maintaining optimal hygiene conditions. In order to offer patients highest security in everyday usage, hardware that gets into contact with patients must be highly durable. For instance, it must resist harsh cleaning agents to ensure simple and quick cleaning.