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In action: application areas

The healthcare industry is a fast-growing and highly profitable market, considering its many facets and facilities. In most areas, people depend on technical appliances and rely on them every day. The areas of application presented here will help you to identify the most interesting market segments and to profit best from the growing market.


Saving costs in real time

In the healthcare industry, patients' lives might depend on careful stock management – this is reason enough for hospitals and health services to provide for optimal settings using state-of-the-art hardware. As the entire sector is subject to high cost pressure, there is a great interest in efficient, cost-saving stock and purchase management methods. Excess stock and expensive emergency deliveries due to stock shortage are both unnecessary and avoidable expenses.

Automatic identification is used for the tracking of processes, medical devices and stock in the healthcare segment just as everywhere else. So-called track and trace systems ensure that consumables are delivered at the right place at the right time even in big facilities. At the same time they allow to monitor the actual consumption in real-time. A well-organised tracking system helps institutions to optimise the workload of their mobile examination devices and thus to improve efficiency.