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In action: application areas

The healthcare industry is a fast-growing and highly profitable market, considering its many facets and facilities. In most areas, people depend on technical appliances and rely on them every day. The areas of application presented here will help you to identify the most interesting market segments and to profit best from the growing market.


Clean solutions wanted

Use of barcode technologies expedites data capture processes in the medical field up to 100 % and simultaneously increases reliability. In order to monitor and track thousands of test results and samples in laboratories, the use of barcode labels is essential nowadays. This improves data quality and enables quicker information transfer.

In laboratories, complying with the regulations regarding hygiene and usage of electronic devices is even more important than in any other healthcare sector. Only operating theatres must respond to comparable safety requirements. There, even computer systems and displays – with or without touch screen – are subject to more stringent requirements than in other areas.

It is crucial that the sterile environment in laboratories is maintained, because on the one hand it protects medical personnel from infection while, on the other hand, it prevents contamination of the samples. These precautions result in improved security for patients and medical staff alike.