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In action: application areas

The healthcare industry is a fast-growing and highly profitable market, considering its many facets and facilities. In most areas, people depend on technical appliances and rely on them every day. The areas of application presented here will help you to identify the most interesting market segments and to profit best from the growing market.


Administration and coordination

In modern facilities, administration supports the medical personnel on a daily basis in fulfilling their tasks efficiently and without errors. Work does not end with documenting patient discharge – main tasks are settling accounts with patients and health insurances, allocation of human resources, controlling as well as general organisation and accounting.

When handling important documentation, such as patient records and invoices, avoiding errors has top priority. Electronic data and document recording using unmistakable barcodes reduces the risk of errors while significantly facilitating accounting by automatically updating electronic patient data. Thus, electronic support improves efficiency and profit for all administrative tasks related to patient care, regardless of their inpatient or outpatient status. Specialised hardware for medical environments delivers highest accuracy and reliability.